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Yea for the trial, boo for the censorship.

Yea for the trial, boo for the censorship. Why hide anything? Sept. 11 War-Crimes Case Resumes at Guantánamo Bay

I don’t understand the secrecy. We know the defendants were tortured. We know the CIA kept them in “black” prisons in other countries. I don’t think a single American will care about that information if it turns out they are guilty of conspiracy in the 9/11 attack on the US.

Of course, if it turns out they are not guilty, then that information will create a backlash in the US. So, is the secrecy to protect the US government in case the defendants are found not guilty or to continue to try to hide the facts that the Bush Administration should be in the Hague, right now, being tried for crimes against humanity?


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